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AKRI Conference Consultant Training & Certification Program


Applications and Other Forms


Individuals who wish to apply to the AKRI Group Relations Conference Consultant Training & Certification program must complete and submit the application packet. The application process is described in more detail below.

Individual Self-Assessment

An individual’s self-assessment of six competencies are designed to indicate whether the person has the basic observational skills that form the foundation of group relations consultation.  Examples of these preliminary competencies are:

  • Demonstrates general curiosity about what is happening in the group as a whole.
  • Demonstrates the ability to be reflective and self-examining.

Additional Assessment

Two other people, at least one of whom must be an Associate in good standing of the A. K. Rice Institute, will also assess the applicant’s abilities against the preliminary competencies.

Narrative Statement

The applicant will also be required to submit a narrative statement describing her/his interest in the training and certification process and indicting any previous group relations conference experience s/he has had.  Payment of a $300.00 processing fee is required at this time.

Application Decisions

Applications will be screened for meeting the preliminary competencies by the Chair of the Training and Certification Committee. When the Chair approves acceptance, the applicant will be notified; then s/he will contact the Committee Member designated to assist the applicant in finding an available mentor and negotiating an agreement with her/him.

Training Fees

Please note that the Training Fees were modified in June 2014. The Training Fee structure is as follows:

  • $300.00 is required when the application is submitted.
  • $300.00 is required when the applicant is accepted into program (within 30 days).
  • $300.00 is required when the applicant applies for Consultant Candidacy.
  • $300.00 is required for their final fee at the end of the Training Program.
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